Opportunities through Football




I responded in a very happy way to the call of invitation of the Fútbol Más team to support and assist the incredible launch of the program in two areas of Nairobi: Kibera and Mathera.

After four months of hard work of diagnosis, to start the path to build trust in both communities, Fútbol Más by the hand of EducAfrica, started a program to promote life skills through football in alliance with differents local organization. The 1st of February in Mathare and the 2nd of February of 2017 in Kibera, Fútbol Más – EducAfrica, local leaders, volunteers, children and the community joined launching this powerful program.

This Program is an opportunity to add value to the local work that has been done by the hand of differents local actors that are working to promote healthy and safe spaces for childhood in this two slums in Nairobi, known for the hard realities and inequalities. Nevertheless, they possess all the potential to build local initiatives, run by locals, dreamt by locals and developed for locals. It also inspires through recognizing positive actions that motivate and strengthen the own potentialities of each person.


The launching event designed and organized by the local team, was truly fantastic, I felt all the energy, the happiness of the boys and girls sharing through football, also of the teachers and in general of the community that spent an amazing afternoon laughing, playing a game.  But I am absolutely sure, that it was not just a game, it was a game that can change lives, and it is the beginning of an amazing path of local transformation. Such was the invitation that I understood, an invitation to be part of this team that believes in the power of  football as an educational tool, and a promoter of life skills

Great start for Fútbol Más, great start for Kibera, great start for Mathare. To dream big dreams and to build them together with the community.