40 DAYS OF TRANSFORMATION – Inner Revolution –

After 40 days of working by myself in myself, observing my light and my darkness, after doing meditation focusing it in the different excavation questions of each week. Trying to figure out who I am, and who I really like to choose be. Writing every day in my journal what happens inside of me, what kind of reaction I had in different situations of my life,  what feelings arise in me. Just allow myself be observed. Without any judgment. Support myself in my daily practice of yoga, connected every day more and more with my breath; a powerful tool that calms myself, bring me into the present moment. Tool it can really make me live the real moment and bring my mind out of the dreams and illusions.



Be able to make the 40 days of transformation (Starting date: 24 April 2017 / ending date: 18 June 2017) was really an inner revolution of awareness for me. I could through them reinforcement many habits that I already have and also add new ones into my diary life with purpose.


What opened up for me during meditation, practice, diet and excavation questions during these 40 past days, mainly, a huge understanding to make choices. Allowing myself to make a decision and not live in automatic pilot or human default mood. If something is not working for me it is time to act to transform that situation. I have the power, the source it is not outside of me it is just inside. I have to feel it, observe it, talk to it and let it be.


Also, I feel myself more strength and connected, after doing so many meditations, practice yoga every day, observe me, my reactions, my attitudes with me and with others, now this exercise of observing it became a habit that I really will take care of it, nourish through practice and awareness to live life fully awake in wholeness moment to moment.



I discover about myself the power of being who I am, and also the power of trust myself. These two aspects make myself free. Enjoying so much the human being who I am. Allow me to be connected to my inner source of knowledge and also share with people from the heart to heart.


Also understanding and living from the truth allow myself see clear my light and my darkness so I can act to really transform my personal issues which make me feel down or frustrated and steal or absorb my power. So I discover that I have the decision in my heart to really keep alive my energy and do not engage myself in the darkness. Is my responsibility to maintain my energy and my power not matter what happens in my surrounding and live life full of purpose from what my heart beats for. And also I discover that the time is now TODAY… the present moment.